Completion of a course is required, followed by practical supervision experience, before applying for a license with DALRRD (Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development)

Weed and Invader Plant Management

The aim of this programme is to build an understanding of the concepts and principles of weed and invader plant control; the classification and distribution of weeds; the identification characteristics of weeds and invasive plants; the classification of herbicides; and the management of weeds, woody plants, trees and stumps in various environments.


Topics covered include:

• Defining weeds and invader plants
• Legislation relevant to weed and invader plant control
• The classification of weeds; the distribution of weeds; and their identification characteristics
• The classification of herbicides according to their general mode of action and usage
• Weed and invader plant principles, problems and control methods
• The methods applied for weed management in turfgrass; woody plant, tree and stump management; road, power line and rail reserve vegetation management; and aquatic weed management.
• The types of herbicide application equipment and control systems, their general use and care, and the procedures for the calibration of sprayers
• The impact of herbicides on health, safety, and the environment

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Very good training, I learned a lot of valuable information about Pests and environmentally friendly ways to control them. Thanks so much!!!

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