Weed and Invader Plant Management – (12 CPD Points)

Course Duration:

3 Days or Online in your own time.

Course Description:

The aim of this programme is to build an understanding of the concepts and principles of weed and invader plant control; the classification and distribution of weeds; the identification characteristics of weeds and invasive plants; the classification of herbicides; and the management of weeds, woody plants, trees and stumps in various environments.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining weeds and invader plants
  • Legislation relevant to weed and invader plant control
  • The classification of weeds; the distribution of weeds; and their identification characteristics
  • The classification of herbicides according to their general mode of action and usage
  • Weed and invader plant principles, problems and control methods
  • The methods applied for weed management in turfgrass; woody plant, tree and stump management; road, power line and rail reserve vegetation management; and aquatic weed management.
  • The types of herbicide application equipment and control systems, their general use and care, and the procedures for the calibration of sprayers
  • The impact of herbicides on health, safety and the environment.


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