Structural (Health and Nuisance) Management (12 CPD Points)

Course Duration:

3 Days or Online in your own time.

Course Description:

The aim of this programme is to build an understanding of the significant impact that pests have on public health; the specific needs pertaining to pest management operations in sensitive or special accounts; the processes and procedures applicable to the management of a range of health and nuisance pests in domestic, commercial and industrial sites; the pre-requisite nature of pest management in the HACCP programme of food establishments; and the control methods applied in food manufacturing, warehousing and retail food establishments.

Topics Covered:

• Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces
• Factors that influence a successful pest management operation
• Pesticide labelling and classification
• Pests and public health significance
• Safety requirements in a workplace
• Sensitive or special accounts
• Control of health and nuisance pests (Includes: rodents, cockroaches,
mosquitoes, flies, ticks, bedbugs, ants, birds, and bats)
• Protective clothing
• Food handling establishments



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