Food Safety (HACCP) 2-day Course (8 CPD Points)

Course Duration:

2 Days or Online in your own time.

Course Description:

The focus of this programme is aimed at equipping persons working in food handling environments with an understanding of the pest control methods applied and the safe handling and disposal of pest control waste materials.

Topics Covered:

1. Pest Control in a Food Handling Environment

· The importance of pest control in a food handling environment

· Pest categories

· The impact of the relevant pest control method on the safety of the food product being handled

· Preventative measures against contamination of food as a result of pest control methods

· Pest control activities

2. Waste Material

· The importance of pest control waste materials

· Waste material classification

· Preventative methods against contamination of food products

· Waste handling and disposal

· Cleaning of waste removal equipment

· Personal safety requirements

· Problems during the handling of waste materials



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