Structural Fumigation (12 CPD Points)

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Course Description

Please know the difference between Structural Health and Nuisance and Structural Fumigation.

Fumigation is treatment with Methyl Bromide/Profume and includes tenting of a building. Contact the office to clarify before registering for the course.

The aim of this course is to build an understanding of the structural pest fumigation principles and applicable legislation; the biology, identification and damage patterns of structural pests; the physical and chemical effects of fumigants and fumigant dosages and concentrations; the safety and health precautions, toxicity of fumigants, symptoms of poisoning and first-aid treatment; the appropriate application equipment, personal protective equipment and gas monitoring and detection equipment; the procedures for fumigation inspection and structure measurement; the determination of volume and dosages; the preparation of the fumigation area; and the procedures for fumigation of residences, warehouses, containers and commodities in various storage modes.

Topics covered include:
• Structural pest fumigation principles and applicable legislation
• Pests in structures
• Stored agricultural product pests
• Characteristics and effects of fumigants
• Safety and health precautions
• Application equipment and protective equipment
• Chemicals used as fumigants
• Fumigation planning, inspection, and measurement
• General advance preparations
• Conducting structural fumigations (inclusive of fumigation of residences, warehouses, containers, commodities stored in silo bins, grain and other bulk commodities in railway trucks, fumigation of stacks of packaged grain and other commodities, and vacuum fumigation of commodities)
• ISPM15 Regulation of wood packaging material in International Trade




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