Pre/Post construction Termiticide Application for Control of Termites (12 CPD Points)

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Course Description

This programme has been developed for the qualified Pest Control Operator (PCO) in possession of a valid P-Registration who wishes to include pre- and post-construction termite treatment in his/her service delivery offering.

The aim of this programme is to build an understanding of the classes of termiticides and the equipment used for the application thereof; the effective application of termiticides to building sites to protect buildings that are to be erected on the sites and to existing buildings (other than wooden structures in contact with the ground) against subterranean wood-destroying termites; the precautions to prevent contamination and the actions in the event of contamination or poisoning.

Topics covered include:
• The applicable Acts and SANS codes
• Workplace hazards and safety precautions
• Chemicals used for soil treatments
• Termiticide application equipment
• Pre-construction termiticide treatment
• Treatment of existing buildings invaded by subterranean termites


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