How to start a new business in South Africa (9 CPD Points)

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Course Description

The aim of this programme is to build an understanding of the potential risks and challenges of starting a new business, and how to avoid them. During this programme you will receive guidance on: How to research your market; Elements of a business plan and the organisational structure; Define your financial requirements and identify your most likely sources of funding; Registering your business; and Compiling your business plan.

Topics covered include:

1. Elements of a Business Plan
• Types of business
• Registrations and compliance
• Compile a business plan
• Code of ethics
• Marketing plan
• SWOT analysis

2. The Organisation Structures
• Write a vision statement
• Core business activities
• Benefits of creating an organogram

3. Resources and Information
• Coaches / Mentors
• Resources
• Choose your business type
• Industry and legal requirements
• Financial plan

4. Compile a Business Plan
• Business plan design
• Business plan essentials
• Human resource needs




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