Food Safety and Pest Management (8 CPD Points)

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Course Description

This course has been designed to equip pest control operators servicing food establishments, and food handlers working in a food handling environment with the knowledge and understanding of the important role of hygiene, sanitation and pest management prerequisite programmes in a food safety system.

In food processing, handling or retail environments, quality pest control is a must. The risks posed by pests in any food handling premises are diverse. Pests within food processing, handling or retail premises are regarded as a serious hazard and risk to health. There’s the spread of disease, damage to property (including foodstuffs), adverse public opinion, damage to reputations, and the risk (and expense of) prosecution. But pest management in such environments is also very sensitive. Special precautions must be taken to keep pest control treatments from threatening food safety. To better control pests while respecting a food establishment’s sensitive environmental needs, you need to apply the principles of integrated pest management (IPM).

The Food Safety and Pest Management course consists of four/4 sections, namely:

Section 1: Introduction to Food Safety

Section 2: HACCP and the Supporting Prerequisite Programmes

Section 3: Food Premises Pest Inspection and Monitoring

Section 4: Pest Prevention and Control



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