Content of all PCITA Courses

Course NON-SAPCA Member SAPCA Member Duration Online price
Health and Nuisance and Food Safety Combined R6 800.00 R6 300.00 4 Day Course
Health and Nuisance Management (Structural) R5 250.00 R4 750.00 3 Day Course R3500.00
Structural Fumigation Management (Fumigation) R5 460.00 R4 960.00 3 Day Course R3600.00
Weed and Invader Plant Management (Weed) R5 100.00 R4 600.00 3 Day Course R3300.00
Wood Destroying Organism Management NQF5 R5 300.00 R4 800.00 3 Day Course
Termite Management Including Pre|Post

Termite Treatment

R5 100.00 R4 600.00 3 Day Course R3300.00
Food Safety (HACCP) R2 620.00 R2 620.00 2 Day Course R2300.00
Starting a Business Venture R2 730.00 R2 730.00 Online R2300.00
Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces R1 300.00 R1 300.00 1 Day Course R1300.00
Managing Conflict with Emotional Intelligence R1 600.00 R1 600.00 Online R1600.00
Occupational Health and Safety in Pest Control R2 500.00 R2 500.00 Online R2500.00
Time Management R1700.00 R1700.00 Online R1700.00