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The role of a Pest Management Professional (PMP)

What is a Webinar?

Pest Control Industries Professional Council - Organogram

Safety - PPE for Applicators

In Transit Fumigation is ILLEGAL and Extremely Risky Business

PESTOP: Profume Treatment

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How to use Facebook for business

Interesting facts about Cricket insects

Safety Data Sheets

Stop killing our bees

SARS Register your business

Customer Service Actions and Attitudes

Occupational Health and Safety

Public Health Vectors and Pests

The Benefits of a Clean Office

The Importance of Efficient Workplace Communication

Update On the use of Methyl Bromide in South Africa

Bird Mites and What You can Do to Reduce Infestation

Basic Tips on Reading Pesticide Labels

Cockroach Infestations Why They are Dangerous

Controlling Ants in the Home

The Danger Mosquitoes Present for Your Pet

What Health Problems can Damp and High Humidity in your Home Cause

Why Clean A Mattress

CPD - Continual Professional Development

Polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB)

The Four Principles of Good Food Hygiene

The History of Pest Control

Workplace Safety Posters - The Importance of Safety Posters

7 Methods of Motivating Employees

7 Workplace Safety Tips

Here are some of the dirtiest places you'll touch in your day

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Pestbiz 2018 Ladies this is for you

Temperature Control

Do's and Don'ts of Fumigation

Flea Control Strategies

Directives for implementation of PRD


Triple Rinse Brochure

Accident Response Procedures When Working With Pesticides

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Fast

Pesticides Harm to Non Target Species

Phosphine Fumigation The do's and don'ts

Reasons why Mice can be so Dangerous

Synvita Insecticide Resistance

SAPCA Conference Delegate Rates Sept 2018

Myths About Handwashing and Hand Drying

SAPCA Pestbiz 2018

Cyber Crimes and Solutions

A Basic Guideline On The Treatment Procedure When Exporting Wooden Products

5 Hero Insects That Protect Vegetable Gardens

Don't Provoke South African Bees

Food Safety For Maintenance - Essential For Success

Mythbusting The Bathroom One Stall At A Time

Crumbs, Cockroach Control Cape Town Kitchens

Sharing Our Space With Snakes

Harvester Termites Hodotermitidae

5 Tips To Ensure Your Business Insurance Is In Order

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